Business Consulting through Design

What I do:

Facilitation and Training


1)      New products and services

                     How to create new offerings that resonate with the customer/user?

                     How to differentiate our offerings from the current competitive landscape?

2)      New business models

                     How to build a business that performs better than our competition?

                      How to build a company that engages our employees to their fullest?

3)      Innovation portfolio scoping

                      How to integrate and get the most out of what we offer?

                      How to integrate and get the most out of how we structure our company?


1)      Facilitation of project(s)

2)      Training to embed Design Thinking into the organization

a.       Executive training – Overview and culture change plan.

b.      Team training – Overview and tools and methods.


Design Strategy Advisor

1)      Develop a highly functioning design department within your organization.

2)      Improve the quality of output you get from your design consultancies.

3)      Institutionalize a high level design look and feel across your organization (products, graphics, service and strategy).



Note: As all of these projects involve strategic changes, I am unable to mention the company name or specifics in order to protect intellectual property.

International Consumer Packaged Goods Company

I facilitated a Design Thinking project with a specific division in a well-established category to:

a)      Find a new, and larger, use case and market for their product, requiring only a messaging and package size change.

b)      Developed several new products to open up completely new consumer needs.

New Software Company

I worked with upper management of the company, the venture capital firm and partners to:

a)      Visualize how the company would need to grow from an operational standpoint.

b)      New products and services roadmap, including the repackaged use of a sister company’s product to get early feedback from a freemium prototype.

International Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Two day Design Thinking training for 40+ members of their Latin America innovation team, in Querétaro, Mexico:

a)      Worked with eight groups focusing on four different product lines.

b)      One take-away – “I now realize I am not like my target consumer. I have to fully understand their lives in order to solve their problems.”