My definition of Design Thinking is:

"Using a methodology from the design profession to create the most informed future state."

Design Thinking encompasses several toolboxes with multiple tools in each

One BusinessDesign can bring Design Thinking to your organization in one of two ways:


Through a two day course Design Thinking toolboxes will be explained and tools will be practiced. These include:

User Research – Understand how the importance of the different tools of qualitative research in uncovering unarticulated needs. Develop successful criteria to successfully carry out user research.

Idea Generation – Understand the many idea generation tools available and the reasons to choose one tool over another. Using the unarticulated needs from the user research, participate in an idea generation session that diverges and then converges to actionable concepts at the conclusion.

Visualization – Understand the many ways and purposes of using a visual language versus a written one. Use visualization methods to develop a communication statement from one of the actionable concepts created in the idea generation session.

Prototyping – Understand the purpose of and many types of prototypes. Develop a prototype plan for the visualized concept and also create a rudimentary prototype.

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Facilitation is normally a one day exercise, using Design Thinking to solve a specific issue. Each session is customized depending on the scope and results requested. Specific Design Thinking tools are organized depending on the needs of the session.

Examples of past facilitation sessions include:

A thorough business plan, including an innovation strategy and layout of most important next steps for a new company.

Product roadmap to meet the business strategy of a company in growth mode.

Business model design for multiple startups.

Innovation roadmaps for large organizations.

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Design Strategy Advisor

Are you having difficulty making Design a strategic part of your business, whether it be an internal design department or external design consultant? Usually these problems come on one of two forms, either a difference of professional cultures or communication methods. I can discover the problems and create systems or language that will get you to on the right track to gaining the value of innovation through design.